Exciting New Technology for Payments and Beyond

image001VCode® is a secure, digital method of payment that allows you to interact with an purchase a product from your surroundings within 6 seconds. The digital wallet also allows you to store all mmbership cards, purchase information and tickets within your own personal VCode®.

VCode® allows any user to gain information instantaneously on the move. By downloading the app to a smart device, all a user needs to do is scan a secure VCode® of choice and they’ll be directed to a bespoke information portal. Depending on which end package has been assigned to an individual VCode® a user can vst_enterprisesinteract with or purchase a product within six seconds. ‘Faster payments’ quicker and safer than ever before.

With virtually unlimited secure, recyclable variations, VCode® is set to transform online (and offline) sales, offer unrivaled fraud protection by providing improved traceability and product provenance, including currencies and passports, on a worldwide basis.

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VST Enterprises Expands Development Arm and Strategic Partnerships in United States

In a decisive move, UK-based VST Enterprises has announced the addition of two former Elavon Vice Presidents to its business development arm in the US. The experienced duo will be joining collectively under the company Relevant Payment Consulting.

Joseph Cohane, ex Executive Vice President, and Stephanie Sharp, ex Vice President and Controller of the leading payment processor, bring more than 40 years combined payments expertise and will be specializing in the financial transactions and fraud prevention functionality of VST Enterprises’ award-winning scannable symbol technology, VCode®.

Designed and developed by entrepreneurial partners Louis-James Davis and Andy Giblin, the versatile VCode technology is currently being utilized across many sectors, from document verification, to unattended car park payment systems, and interactive charitable giving transactions.

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